Since the scan last December, my bloodwork has been normal, both for tumor markers and for the level of artificial thyroid hormone in my body. Today is the one year anniversary of my total thyroidectomy. In mid-September I’ll have a (totally routine) one year scan, to check my neck. Which means that from September 1 […]

One of the reasons I wanted to get the I-131 done before Christmas is that all the major treatment of my thyroid cancer would be over by the end of 2013. It worked: i got a call last week from my endocrinologist telling me the post-radiation scan came back clear. Definitely moving on to maintenance […]

Yesterday was the end of the 72 hour Big Deal period, which meant that I did an epic amount of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and wiped down my keyboard and mouse with bleach wipes. I think the bleach might have thrown my bluetooth mouse for a loop, as it’s been having trouble working ever since, […]

I think one of the most frustrating things about this whole experience is the limitations. Flush twice, wear gloves when cooking for others (or, in my cautious case, preparing food in a shared kitchen), keep the cats out of the room, wash hands frequently, limit contact with other people for the first 72 hours, etc. […]

The package from my sister yesterday turned out to be a “Superhero Equipment Kit” with a sidekick (small felt doll) and superhero mask. It brightened up my entire afternoon. I had assumed I’d spend the time reading and sleeping, but I forgot how hard it is to motivate to read at the end of the […]

Got up this morning, ate no breakfast, and headed off to the nuclear medicine people for my I-123 scan and dosing of I-131. No breakfast because the I-131 has to be done on an empty stomach (no food four hours before or two hours afterwards). The first scan, of the whole body, was fine, if […]

I am eating a fair amount of peanut butter and matzoh right now. Also almonds, raisins, apples, and dried apricots. I’ve switched to English Breakfast tea from my usual latte. All of this is part of a low iodine diet, in preparation for a radioactive iodine 131 treatment in about a week. Back in late […]

Over the weekend, as part of an assignment for my minor field readings in History and New Media, I made an edit on a Wikipedia page. I’ve had an account on Wikipedia for at least 6 years now, but I only rarely make edits. Most of the time I just like being able to remove […]

This is not exactly an original recipe. Last summer I wanted a meal with cilantro, beans, and quinoa and went googling. I found many, many variations on the same theme, which was: 1. cook quinoa; 2. add various chopped “southwestern” veg; 3. add dressing of some kind. The ones I liked best were one from […]

I can’t quite say “terrible, horrible” because I did get some homework done, which included a very interesting documentary. But still, I have decided that I Do Not Like May 23, 2013. Why? Because: my sister’s flight was delayed 2 hours (from 7pm to 9pm, waiting with a small child) and then cancelled. an unproductive […]