I-131 Day Three

I think one of the most frustrating things about this whole experience is the limitations. Flush twice, wear gloves when cooking for others (or, in my cautious case, preparing food in a shared kitchen), keep the cats out of the room, wash hands frequently, limit contact with other people for the first 72 hours, etc.

On the upside, this morning I passed the 48 hour mark from the radiation and was able to go off the low iodine diet. I’ve had bacon, eggs, skyr (icelandic yogurt), and chocolate cookies. Being able to eat whatever I want (in reason) has helped a bit. I still plan to ease back into dairy, so yogurt and butter today and tomorrow, no lattes until Tuesday. I have missed my lattes.

On the subject of food: although the list of rules from my endo said “wash everything then put in dishwasher,” some boards I’d read talked about using paper plates, and the instructions from the nuclear medicine people who actually dosed me just say to use plastic cutlery and put the plates in the dishwasher. I’ve used paper plates for some things, but I completely forgot about bowls, so it’s been about 50/50 on the paper vs. real plates. However, using only plastic cutlery limits the kinds of things you can eat, or at least means you have to add a step in the prep. Friday night I had a steak, and I had to cut it in the kitchen before I put it on my paper plate – no way the flimsy store-brand plastic knife was going to work well.

Only a little over 12 hours to go on the hard rules. Tomorrow I get up and Clean All The Things(tm?) and finally start on some craft projects I’ve been putting off. Oh, and work from home. There are two pregnant women in my office, and I’m still getting over the radiation, so everyone agreed it was better if I just worked from home this week.


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