End of the Year

One of the reasons I wanted to get the I-131 done before Christmas is that all the major treatment of my thyroid cancer would be over by the end of 2013. It worked: i got a call last week from my endocrinologist telling me the post-radiation scan came back clear. Definitely moving on to maintenance mode now.

There are days when it’s frustrating to know that I have to take a tiny pill every morning or I’ll be madly hypothyroid. I will never survive a zombie apocalypse or alien attack. Still, I’m not alone in my dependence. And it’s a small price for a cancer-free life.



  1. Are you wearing scarf to cover your scar?

  2. Not as much anymore. In the first few months, I was careful to keep it covered from the sun, to help reduce the appearance of the scar down the road. Now I wear scarves outside because it’s cold, but not indoors. I’ve only had a few people actually look at it with curiosity, but I’ve never gotten to use my prepared line (“I got my throat cut by a pro…”). It’s already much less noticeable.

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