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  1. Laurence Joyce · · Reply

    Hello Megan Brett,

    While Googling for information on a Scottish silversmith called Alexander Rollo (active Dundee late C18th) I saw that you had written your thesis on John Rollo, goldsmith, of Edinburgh. As part of your research did you come across any children or cousins/brother bearing the name Alexander who became gold/silversmiths?

    I’ve been researching some of the C19th silversmiths in Dundee and have published one article on James Sturrock of Montrose. I’m currently researching William Constable of Dundee. But Alexander Rollo I can find very little on.

    I’d be very grateful for any help you might have to offer.

    Kind regards,

    Laurence Joyce

    1. Hello Laurence Joyce,

      I am afraid my research did not carry very far to the next generation. John Rollo of Edinburgh left the goldsmith business in the 1740s to become a customs inspector in Banff, and became the sixth Lord Rollo on the death of his brother Andrew in 1765. I have more complete genealogical information on my home computer and will be glad to check this evening. If it is convenient, I can email you with what I have.


      Megan Brett

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